Financial Models: Everyone likes a happy ending!

14:38 20 June in Uncategorized by admin

A must-have tool in an IR kit. By Chintan Mehta, Director at Dickenson World chintan.mehta@dickensonworld.com An effective product offering, an efficient management, and a well-laid outlook. While these are all facets of a business that are successful in gaining an investor’s attention, often, they aren’t enough to garner...

The coming of age of ‘Sponsored’ Research

15:47 12 June in Uncategorized by admin

What is ‘sponsored’ research & why it is becoming mainstream in developed capital markets?   The market for research is going through a revolution, driven by the introduction of MiFID II in Europe, which is becoming the defacto global standard. Companies are increasingly turning to sponsored research...

Communicating During COVID-19

14:54 04 April in Uncategorized by admin

6 strategies to uphold your reputation with investors during COVID19 DATE: Saturday, 4 April 2020   COVID-19 Pandemic has hit the world hard. Besides the rising health concerns and unfortunate cost to human lives, the pandemic has destabilised economies and businesses globally at an unprecedented scale....

Circumventing print media’s snub

10:05 03 March in Uncategorized by admin

5 reasons why the business print media overlooks your press releases   For some inexplicable reasons, many CXOs still cling on to an outdated notion that their stakeholders consume information on them mainly through a few leading business newspapers. This misconception has resulted in an endemic OCD...

Global IR outsourcing

11:45 02 March in Uncategorized by admin

The emergence of Global IR Outsourcing for Investor Relations services   In a fast-moving global economy, you can find several companies that are collaborating with offshore service providers, rather than establishing their own in-house capabilities. Over the years, the global service delivery model has proven to be...

Why Digitised Annual Reports?

08:52 12 February in Uncategorized by admin

6 great reasons to pursue Digitised Annual Reports   How is a digital annual report different from a print one? As a key weapon within an arsenal of collaterals serving the investor relations function, annual reports have been undergoing a profound transformation on the Web. The boundaries of...

Strike a pose.

10:33 05 February in Uncategorized by admin

You don't have to be a Goliath to start producing integrated reports. Even as a David, you can strike a pose.   As you leap into 2020 and complete the 2019 financial year, you must be hearing a lot about the Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework for...

6 Tips for Better Roadshows

10:17 23 January in Uncategorized by admin

Six Tips for Tackling & Engaging Investors on Roadshows   Meetings are an important way for people to come together for a common purpose. Planning for such meeting prevents poor performance and improves the chances of a desired outcome. Strategic planning allows you to project your company...

Investor Targeting Calling

12:22 22 August in Uncategorized by admin

Another season of Conference Orgies arrives – unfortunately, you may never reach a climax. Sure, by all means attend a few investor conferences as long as they ensure a few quality meetings. But please also have a view and preference. Many a times companies end up...

An intelligent approach to Investor Targeting

10:02 03 May in Uncategorized by admin

How Can Effective Investor Targeting Maximise the ROI of Investor Relations Efforts? Preamble The prime objective of Investor Relations efforts of any company is to attract the right profile of investors who understand the company’s business model and stay invested for the long term. Companies generally...

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