Media Relations

The way the world consumes news and information has transformed radically. As legacy print media continues to re-invent itself, the digital consumption of news is becoming the new norm. Dickenson’s Financial PR program is media platform agnostic. With well-crafted stories for each platform, our content marketing approach resonates well both with traditional as well as digital media.


Media Strategy

Nowadays, when the way we consume news is dynamically changing, it is increasingly important to select the most appropriate dissemination medium for each story. Dickenson Financial PR specializes in advising clients on matching their stories with the right media platforms, keeping in mind the message as well as the target audience.


Media Coaching

We excel in preparing CXOs for adopting the best practices when it comes to interacting with the media. We prepare you to be succinct and sharp for business channel interviews, and assist on how to respond appropriately to a myriad media query types.


Media Mapping & Strategic Engagement

At Dickenson, we meticulously maintain and update media connections and relationships that are relevant to our clients and the sectors they operate in. We follow the 20-80 rule when it comes to media engagement, and ensure that our clients’ messages reach the relevant audiences through the media that they consume.


Media Events

An important milestone in a corporate’s journey demands wider media attention. This can take the form of a press conference, or more strategic site visits. Dickenson excels in organising media events of any scale, and possesses the organisational skills to take turnkey responsibility for delivering a successful media event.


Media Perception Research

Dickenson excels in conducting Perception or Opinion Research for its clients. These surveys are well conceived with incisive question sets and ensuring the idea sample size and constituent selection at the outset. Top of the mind recall, the enhancement in media’s understanding of the business, and access to the management are key element to measure the shift in the perception needle.