Design Production

Dickenson DIGITAL, the company’s in-house Graphic Design Division, is a respected full-service design house, based out of London and Mumbai. Over the last 20 years, it has had the pleasure of working with for more 400 clients.
At Dickenson, we passionately bring all of your successes and strategies to life in an Annual Report that is visually engaging and informative, strengthening your brand, mission and approach. Ultimately, the simple goal of our design process is to help your audience feel a connection with your organisation’s values, and ensure that investors and stakeholders will look forward to reading your Annual Report.


Design for Printing

A strong design should ensure that your company communicates effectively with its readers. From impactful covers, stylised page layout templates, intriguing infographics, elegant and telling charts and graphs, we design an informative, attractive, and well designed annual report. In most cases, the print version of an Annual Report tends to be the default format for setting the designing parameters of a project. While we witness the gradual decline in the demand for printed copies globally, it still remains the dominant format on which reports get designed. At Dickenson, our designers are highly familiar with the printing process, its limitations and its possibilities. When designing, we consider multiple printing variables such as special colours, cover structures, gatefold pages, report jackets, and innovative materials. Most importantly, we lay great emphasis on the variety and types of paper that could be used, to match with the best printing techniques available. Ultimately, we design reports that convey an enjoyable experience for its readers.


Design for Report Websites

In today’s digital world, annual reports are increasingly becoming paperless, making its digital format even more important. Our digital team are highly adept and comfortable working with both the print and digital format of your report. At Dickenson, we take advantage of the newest technologies and can apply them to your running projects. We can produce many digital versions of a report for you, including interactive PDFs, flash based flip-books, and dedicated micro-websites. When designing an annual report website, we ensure a seamless migration of the printed format to the digital format. We ensure graphics and design continuity, while reorganising the reports information that are more conducive for digital digestion. This means that we need to be device responsive, easily navigable, and layer the information from the macro to the micro using a friendly drill-down logic.


DTP of Statutory & Financials

In Many will tell you that the statutory and financial sections of an annual report are the most boring parts. We think otherwise. At Dickenson, we believe that readers of these sections need to be respected and be given the best design for ease of reading and understanding. This can call for a judicious selection of fonts, layout formats, shading, tabs and use of colour. At Dickenson, we have designers that specialise purely on Desk Top Publishing, and who are sympathetic to the importance an accountant or an auditor gives to an underline or a tab-shift. They are also adept at producing clear tables, charts and graphs, with a high degree of accuracy, consistency and scale representation. In today’s world of growing disclosures, the DTP of statutory and financial sections of an annual report can be complex, time consuming and voluminous. Dickenson excels in taking such challenging projects, and turning them around within the shortest possible time. With a team of more than 20+ designers dedicated to this function alone in our processing centre in Mumbai, we deliver multiple projects successfully each year. For many of our clients, a painless experience in just this part of the report gives them great comfort and confidence to keep coming back to us.


Corporate Photography

Whether for print or digital, we strongly believe in having powerful visuals in an annual report. To achieve this, we believe in having well-taken photographic assets to lift the emotional quotient of your report. At Dickenson, we have our own in-house photography team that can shoot for management and board portraits, facilities and buildings, or products and awards. For the geographically diversified companies, we also collaborate with external like-minded corporate photographers for multiple cities and countries around the world.