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  • the for & against ESG – Which side are you on?

    Executives are examining key issues in sustainable business ranging from how to measure & monetise ESG performance to devising long-term sustainable investment strategies.Is building ESG into a portfolio strategy guaranteed to achieve both financial and non-financial returns for investors? Such questions form the crux of......

  • Financial Models: Everyone likes a happy ending!

    A must-have tool in an IR kit. By Chintan Mehta, Director at Dickenson World chintan.mehta@dickensonworld.com An effective product offering, an efficient management, and a well-laid outlook. While these are all facets of a business that are successful in gaining an investor’s attention, often, they aren’t......

  • The coming of age of ‘Sponsored’ Research

    What is ‘sponsored’ research & why it is becoming mainstream in developed capital markets?   The market for research is going through a revolution, driven by the introduction of MiFID II in Europe, which is becoming the defacto global standard. Companies are increasingly turning to......