Corporate Reputation

Reputation of a brand or company in a dynamic business environment rests on four pillars – the company’s brand promise, its behaviour, its contribution and its sustainability. Dickenson’s capital market reputation management programme goes beyond financial numbers. Through our research-based approach, we tell compelling stories about our clients’ business that not just resonate with the entire stakeholder universe, but also result in positive endorsement and action.

 Communications Audit

We develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ business, sector dynamics and the competitive landscape. We also understand and assess current communications practices of our clients and juxtapose it with the global best practices to a create robust communication roadmap for our clients. (None of these sub-services will have a View More Button / use dummy pictures for now)

Research, Insights & Strategic Counsel

Research and insights are at the core of everything we do. Our senior level counsel is based on empirical research, contemporary insights and years of experience. The team of advisors at Dickenson have guided organisations through various business situations and events with sound communications counsel that have helped them in sustaining and enhancing corporate reputation.

Stakeholder Mapping & Outreach

Dickenson Financial PR helps organisations connect and communicate with this diverse stakeholder groups through stories that resonate with them. Our communication program planning takes into account important stakeholders and their need for information. Our story development process ensures that our clients stay connected with their stakeholders and be part of their conversations.

Positioning Statements & Key Messages

We create a unique positioning for our clients that differentiates them based on their inherent strengths, lineage, growth strategy and the outlook. The corporate positioning is backed by sharper messages that not only resonate with multiple stakeholders but also stand the test of business cycles that companies go through.

CEO Messaging & Thought Leadership

We believe that Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are also the chief custodian of their corporate reputation. Our sharply crafted messages from a CEO’s desk, go a long way in shaping the company’s reputation and can often become the bellwether commentary for the sector. The leadership team of our clients often become the most sought-after thought leaders of the industry in which they operate.

Communications Policy & Protocol

Dickenson Financial PR helps organisations in developing communications policy and protocol that matches the global benchmarking. These guidelines become the code of conduct for our clients in communicating with varied stakeholders in good times as well as in special situations.

ESG Communications

Revenue growth and profitability are no longer the only parameters on which investors value businesses. Intangibles such as environmental practices, quality of governance and corporate social responsibility figure high on investors check list before making an investment decision. At Dickenson, our Financial PR service helps companies draft effective messages around intangibles and identify suitable platforms to communicate them.

 Special Situation & Crisis Communications

Communications during special or crisis situations require deeper business understanding and awareness of sensitivity surrounding critical situations. The Dickenson Financial PR team has considerable experience and expertise in developing strategic opinion shaping communications for special situations such as debt restructuring, business consolidation, asset sell-off, or a management reshuffle.