The coming of age of ‘Sponsored’ Research

What is ‘sponsored’ research & why it is becoming mainstream in developed capital markets?

The market for research is going through a revolution, driven by the introduction of MiFID II in Europe, which is becoming the defacto global standard. Companies are increasingly turning to sponsored research to fill the gap in research coverage which has opened up. As a global phenomenon, driving factors for India’s mature capital markets are no different, and corporates of all market cap sizes will need to understand the nuances and advantages of ‘sponsored’ research.

To throw light on “What is ‘sponsored’ research & why it is becoming mainstream in developed capital markets?”, Dickenson’s Managing Director – Manoj Saha interviews Keith Hiscock, CEO of London’s longest-established sponsored research house, Hardman & Co. Keith has been widely quoted in the financial press for his work on the evolving equity research market. He has spent 40 years in the capital markets and, before Hardman & Co, was part of the senior management team at leading brokers. This Round Table Discussion hosted by Dickenson World, is pleased to get into conversation with Mr. Hiscock, and bring him into your rooms with the opportunity to pose your questions to him.

Our roundtable will answer the questions companies and investors often have when considering sponsored research, such as:

  • What is sponsored research?
  • How has MIFID II shaped the future of the research ecosystem?
  • What is the quality of sponsored research?
  • How good are the analysts?
  • If it is paid for by the company, why would an investor trust it?
  • How is it distributed?
  • Who reads it?
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