Samar Ammar

Lead Consultant – Marketing Strategies


Sam is a seasoned marketing consultant with extensive international experience in sales and marketing. She has previously worked for Colliers International, Porsche, Hyatt and Unilever, before becoming an independent consultant. Sam has a Master’s degree in Global Marketing from Liverpool University, UK; a BA in Tourism Business Management from Birmingham University, UK; a Professional Diploma Certification in Digital Marketing from the prestigious Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland; and is an elite member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK. Sam is often heard saying “Research is the cornerstone of successful marketing. It is only when we understand all the factors affecting the consumer’s purchase decisions, can we effectively place ourselves correctly and become a viable option for the consumer”. Based out of the UK, she leads Dickenson’s Global advisory team for Marketing Strategies. In her free time, Sam enjoys long runs, reading and kite surfing when the opportunity arises.