Dickenson World establishes beach-head into the EU market with its presence in London

Dickenson’s London operation plans to focus on becoming the de-facto gateway for Indian Corporates for Trans-Atlantic investor outreach.

Mumbai, October 16, 2018: Dickenson World, one of India’s foremost capital market communications consultancies, has established its presence in the European Union (EU) by opening its office in London

Dickenson’s Investor Relations and Financial PR consulting practices have advanced investor targeting capabilities for enabling investor outreach. By establishing its permanent presence in London, Dickenson World offers a permanent gateway for Indian IROs to access a large number of institutional investors based out of the UK and Europe.

Commenting on Dickenson’s expansion outside India, Mr. Manoj Saha, Managing Director, Dickenson World, elaborated, “With MIFID II regulations in place, investor engagement is undergoing a systemic change. Investors are being very selective in terms of number of sell-side brokerages that they deal with, resulting into shrinking avenues for corporates to reach out to investors. As Dickenson is an advisory business only, it is ideally positioned to facilitate un-conflicted engagements between Indian corporates and global institutional investors.”

Besides creating a platform to connect Indian corporates with investors, Dickenson’s London Operations will also extend its bouquet of services to UK and EU based companies. “I am confident that many IROs here will find value in Dickenson’s Investor Relations and Financial PR services. We also plan to introduce our well-established Corporate Reporting practice, which has served many mid to large-cap corporates in India successfully for the last 20 years.”

About Dickenson World

Established in 1999, Dickenson World is a seasoned Capital Markets Communication & Investor Engagement specialist. With presence in London & Mumbai Dickenson handles a variety of mandates of more than 95+ listed companies for their engagement with the financial marketplace and the financial media. For more information on Dickenson World, visit our website www.dickensonworld.com

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