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Dickenson World adds 3 Directors for post-COVID momentum

Dickenson World adds 3 Directors for post-COVID momentum

09:57 20 April in

Dickenson World adds three new Directors to match post-COVID business momentum


Wednesday, 20 April 2022, Mumbai: Capital Markets Communications specialist Dickenson World responds to rampant post-Covid growth with the addition of three new directors. This addition to the leadership team comes when Dickenson World is investing in expanding its infrastructure and intellectual bandwidth catering to a post-pandemic business environment.
Investor positioning, integrated reporting, ESG compliance, and strong investor branding have never been more pertinent to aligning companies for unprecedented growth in our post-covid economies. The team expansion at Dickenson World comes when many issuers are looking for a reset in terms of their performance and investor perceptions. With capital markets looking alive and ample liquidity in the debt markets, most corporates feel more confident in preparing themselves for the next investment cycle as capacities start filling out.
The growth of its directors’ cadre from 5 to 8 capital markets communications specialists attests to better than pre-covid level interest in Dickenson World’s prospects. Director of Investor Relations, Chintan Mehta shares,“Our directors form the backbone of our diverse communications offerings. They are specialists in their own right, ranging from investor engagement and ESG advisory to corporate reporting and bespoke analytics.”
Dickenson World is a professionally led boutique agency whose strategy is led by elevated SOPs and quality conscious talent. In Dickenson World’s growing Director team, a cohort of energised professionals specialising in enhancing the capital market reputations of its clients. As a seasoned 22-year-old company Dickenson World is driven by mentorship, an intense performance record, and creating future leaders of 360-degree capital markets communications.
The three new Directors include Ms. Sonam Raghuvanshi, Ms. Shankhini Saha, and Ms. Sandhya Sutodia. They bring over 30 years of accumulated experience in capital markets, corporate communications, and client servicing. (To know more about our team, visit www.dickensonworld.com )
“We are like family at Dickenson World, where we weather the storms and create new highs together. I expect the new blood injected into our existing seasoned leadership team to further energise our service delivery and client engagements with innovative ideas,” explains Managing Director Manoj Saha.
About Dickenson World:Set up at the turn of the millennium in 1999, Dickenson World is a seasoned 360-degree Capital Markets Communications & Investor Engagement specialist. Located in London, Mumbai and Delhi, Dickenson World handles a variety of mandates for issuers from diverse sectors to elevate their engagement with the financial markets. For more information on Dickenson World, visit our website www.dickensonworld.com
To connect with the Company, contact

Ms Shankhini Saha (Associate Director – Insights & Markets)
E: shankhini.saha@dickensonworld.uk




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