At DICKENSONINTELLINETICS, we offer an end-to-end service to encompass all aspects of brand enhancement and corporate reporting. Not only do we build strong ideas to communicate, but we are able to do it through multiple channels of communication.

Annual Reports

We believe that the credibility, confidence and perception of your organisation can be enhanced significantly through a well-crafted Corporate Reporting strategy.


At DICKENSONINTELLINETICS, we focus on delivering clarity. Simplicity is at the core of our content creation and humbleness is tone of our voice.


Great designs are not about big budgets and fancy tools but about arming our clients with quality 'business weapons' unique to their industry and audience. In this techno-savvy age, keeping current with the latest interface mediums works is essential to convey the brand, character and quality of the business.

Graphic Design

We believe that your identity is the sum of all tangible and intangible traits; the beliefs, values, interests, features and ancestry that make you unique. This belief has taken us a long way in creating impactful designs that stand out from the clutter.

Brand Identity

We understand how a brand communicates with different audiences at different times and why a harmonised communication strategy is so vital. It is through this understanding that we define a corporate brand culture that can build enduring value for a client.


Corporate Photography is essential to bring out the true personality of an enterprise. Depicting products, offices, people and manufacturing facilities with well-taken pictures are essential to all corporate communication or investor relation functions.

Some of our clients include: