We understand how a brand communicates with different audiences at different times and why a harmonised communication strategy is so vital. It is through this understanding that we define a corporate brand culture that can build enduring value for a client.

A corporate brand identity manual is all about setting standards and rules around the graphical representation of a company. It is crucial for each of our client companies to ensure that their customers see, think and perceive of them in a consistent and memorable way. An ideal corporate brand identity manual is one, which is innovative, yet simple and clear. DICKENSONINTELLINETICS delivers exactly that.

Our Role

Your corporate identity impacts on all aspects of your business. Having a strong and consistent identity throughout your communication and marketing efforts is the first step in building a solid image. Your website, brochures, advertisements and all other materials should be developed cohesively to reinforce the corporate identity of your organisation and enable stakeholders to instantly identify with your organisation's ethos and message.

In the case of large organisations that function in a decentralised manner across dispersed geographies, unintentional misuse of a brand can often take place. Maintaining brand consistency becomes even more challenging when new people join an organisation need to start from scratch. DICKENSONINTELLINETICS understands these complexities and excels in developing brand manuals and standards that can steer your organisation through these challenges to attain a desired level of brand equity.

Corporate identity and logo design

Based on the foundation of experience and knowledge, the team at DICKENSONINTELLINETICS have the capability to create fresh identifiers and to direct new emerging ideas into line with the original goals and objectives of a company, irrespective of its size. Recognising the importance of a consistent identity and message, our corporate identity manuals set the standards for all print and digital collaterals that are well matched with the company's brand culture.

We produce manuals for soft, online and hard copy usage, which can be updated frequently to encompass new identifiers as well as new applications of an identifier including Screen Based Applications, Brochures, Power Point Presentation Stencils, Report Covers, Press Releases, Publications, Event Collaterals and large format Media Standards.