At DICKENSONINTELLINETICS, we believe that the credibility, confidence and perception of an organisation can be enhanced significantly through a well-crafted Corporate Reporting strategy.

The Annual Report has evolved from a simple financial report to a dynamic marketing and brand-building tool that is the bedrock of any Investor Relations effort. Today, Annual Reports not only answers the many questions that investors may have, but they also serve as an indispensible tool for marketing, recruitment and business-to-business communications.

We aim to produce well-crafted reports that provide more than the 'bare bones' financial performance of companies. An Annual Report also needs to project and articulate a company's vision for the future, set within, yet not unduly constrained by, the context of the state and financial condition of the economy. At DICKENSONINTELLINETICS, we are careful to strike the right balance between the defining qualities of a firm and the fiscal facts surrounding them.

At DICKENSONINTELLINETICS, we feel that the elements of a good Annual Report include a clear and focused message, good writing, compelling visuals and high production values. DICKENSONINTELLINETICS has evolved a unique and structured approach to what can be a highly complicated process of producing Annual Reports - right from the ideas/creation stage, through to the micro-website and its printing and distribution.

Our ability to conduct in-depth industry research and express that research in the delineation and formulation of passages such as those including 'Management Discussion & Analysis', the messages from a Chairman, Managing Director or the CFO, among others, gives us a unique edge in this arena. We seek to understand the context of a company within its industry and are able to project the relevant perspectives that business leaders are likely to adopt.

We aim to provide you with a turnkey solution, that includes all aspects of an Annual Report's production, including contemporary design, content creation, photography, theme development and printing services. We strongly believe that with our approach, the Investor Relations Officer, the Corporate Communications Manager and the Company Secretary can achieve optimum results, but in a de-risked process.