Generalist PR vs. Specialist IR

08:46 25 September in Uncategorized by admin

A brief look at how Specialist IR firms differ from Generalist PR firms.   Preamble: The Indian PR industry is beginning to mature. Gone are the days where a PR agency could behave like supermarkets offering everything under one roof and get away with delivering just rudimentary...

The Ostrich Syndrome

11:34 14 September in Uncategorized by admin

Public Relations for Unlisted Companies Planning An IPO The apathy of unlisted companies towards Public Relations is inexplicable, and their sudden proclivity for PR at the time of fund raising is palpable. Such short-sightedness makes them look opportunistic and has many pitfalls. If Public Relations is...


09:01 11 September in Business by admin

Corporate share buyback is an effective tool to prevent companies' share prices from devaluation and re-instilling promoter confidence. As the number of share buybacks climb, the debate over the concept heats up further. In June 2013, the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the Indian...

Do we need IR Analytics?

07:37 11 September in Business by admin

IR Connect looks at how an IR plan can become much sharper and result-oriented with the help of IR Analytics. Every IRO and CFO should take a careful look into its values and benefits.   It’s a well accepted dictum that stock valuations are a function of...

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